Using Animoto to Show Copmarisons in Spanish

This week in Spanish II we used a new learning method called “Flipping the class.” You do this by learning the material at home then coming to class and discussing it instead of having a lecture. I personally loved flipping the class it freed up class time and let me get answers to all my questions. After this we were instructed to make a video at I really enjoyed using the website and it also let me learn in a setting that I am more comfortable in. The animoto site is very user friendly, and easy to use.

Above is my video that I created using

I would also like to thank blogpokbotcom, ash0, Martin Burns, mwl_sd_ca, paigelynn, STARFEEDER, textlad, tridian ystenes, and This Year’s Love for letting me use their pictures.

Reviewing Estar

During this week we reviewed the verb estar.We were then told to write a blog post about what we know and what we have learned about “estar”. Estar means to be and is used for communicating the ideas of health, emotion, and location. We are making these post for practice.

Will está en L.A.. Él está triste y enojado hoy. Él está practicando su suplente. Él está haciendo una película
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Using Creative Commons

In the last post I inserted a picture that I procured using a creative commons website, in this case I can understand why we would need to use such a website as to not plagiarize. It is more polite to use these websites than others that aren’t in the creative commons stature. My point is to say that if i had to choose which one to use, I would choose the one that is legal to use and gave credit to the person/people who deserves it.

Mi favorito universidad

Me gustaría ir ala universidad de USC. USC es muy prestigio y tiene un buen drumline. Yo quiero ser ingeniero químico.Tambíen me gustaría ser un miembro del drumline.Yo me gustaría ganar un título advanzado. A continuacíon voy a trabajar en natural gas plant.O me tal vez voy a trabajar en el area de nuclear energy. Me gustaría obtener una para participar en la banda y buenas notas.

usc drumline

Photo Credit: js42

My First Semester Blogging Experience

I have enjoyed my working experience with my blog. I have learned having a blog is much more professional than using facebook or texting. You are also expected to use proper grammar, and to act sensible. I like embedding my work on the blog, even though I am scared that i might mess up. I am also prepared for any type of comment that people post. Blogging could be useful in my future, and might even help me get a job. I would like to do most the work on the blog instead of on paper, in the second semester

Mi Rutina Diaria

My Post:

In the first semester of Spanish II we covered,vocabulary, and grammar structures dealing with our daily routine for getting ready to go somewhere. We also learned what reflexive verbs are in spanish, and how to properly use them with writing and conversation.


We were required to use voki to discuss our daily routine for getting ready for school

  • We wrote a script in class

  • We submitted  our rough draft

  • Our teacher made us aware of error placement, but did not tell us the errors

  • After correcting and finalizing our script we worked on pronunciation

  • We then used our cell phone to call in and record our daily routine script

  • It was emailed to our teacher and then used as our last six weeks test grade


I enjoyed using the avatar on the voki website, it helped me get to better understand pronunciation to use it for the recording and even how to speak in discussions. Although I enjoyed using my avatar, it did take some time out of my schedule  I would much rather just have speaking assignments in the class. I would prefer to keep it in the class because, in the class I am much less likely to procrastinate. I do think that this assignment was a valuable tool, and did help me learn spanish better

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Verb Tense Review

In the first semester we reviewed present tense, present progressive, tener que, and immediate future. Present progressive is the “Am doing” form. Immediate future is the “going to do” form. Present tense is the “do” form. Tener que is the “have to” form. We created a stixy board with sentences, and pictures on

Here is my stixy board: